Assessing the Worth of FedEx Routes

June 22, 2023

FedEx routes are a significant player in the courier and local delivery service industry. These routes function as independent businesses that deliver packages under the FedEx brand. A vast number of such routes are operating across the United States, contributing over $30 million to the industry's revenue as per IBIS World statistics. This figure is anticipated to rise in the coming years, notwithstanding the intense competition from other industry heavyweights such as UPS.

Understanding the valuation of a FedEx route is vital for operators seeking to carve out a successful route. This understanding becomes especially crucial if you are considering buying or selling a FedEx route. In such cases, familiarity with FedEx route valuation multiples can be incredibly beneficial.

The Appraisal of a FedEx Route

The valuation of a FedEx route entails the examination of various factors. The business appraiser, as part of a comprehensive business valuation, scrutinizes key value determinants specific to a FedEx route and the associated financial statements. This involves comparing your FedEx route with other recently sold, comparable FedEx routes to deduce a fair market value for your business.

In case you're contemplating buying a FedEx route, a business appraisal can assist in identifying an equitable purchase price. Conversely, if you're selling, a business appraisal can help set an appropriate listing price. Regular business appraisals can also aid in enhancing the value of a FedEx route.

FedEx Route Valuation Multiples

The infographic below presents average market multiples typically used for a FedEx route valuation. At Peak Business Valuation, these multiples are commonly utilized. However, this is just a guide, and to obtain multiples tailored to your specific FedEx route, a detailed business valuation is recommended.

Note: These multiples serve solely educational purposes and do not constitute valuation advice or the valuation opinion of Peak Business Valuation or its valuation professionals. For matters discussed in this article, please consult a certified business valuation professional.

The Role of Valuation Multiples

Valuation multiples are frequently used by experts to ascertain the value of a FedEx route. These ratios allow your FedEx route's comparison with similar recently sold FedEx routes, enabling the valuation expert to establish an appropriate valuation multiple for your business. These multiples, in combination with various valuation approaches, help determine the value range for a FedEx route.

One of the commonly used multiples is the Seller's Discretionary Earnings (SDE) multiple, which compares the seller’s discretionary earnings with the FedEx route's implied value. For instance, if a FedEx route has $360,000 as seller’s discretionary earnings and a 3.03x SDE multiple is applied, the implied value of the FedEx route is $1,090,800 ($360,000 times 3.03x). If a 3.40x multiple is more suitable, the implied value would be $1,224,000 ($360,000 times 3.40x).

We at Peak Business Valuation regularly provide business valuations for FedEx routes. Whether you're buying, expanding, or selling a FedEx route, we're eager to assist. Schedule a free consultation with us today!

Standard Multiples for a FedEx Route

On average, FedEx routes have an SDE multiple range of 2.93x – 3.43x. The value of a FedEx route can be calculated as:

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings X Multiple = Business Value

Similarly, the average EBITDA multiples range between 3.60x – 4.06x. Applying this multiple to the EBITDA can help deduce the business's implied value.

The EBITDA multiple is favored as it offers normalized ratios, enabling the valuation expert to compare similar FedEx routes accurately. It considers variances in taxation, capital structure, and fixed assets while also estimating the route's future earnings.

Lastly, FedEx routes typically sell at an average REV multiple between 0.64x – 0.81x. This multiple represents the total revenue generated by a FedEx route and can help estimate the business's value.

In Conclusion

Valuation multiples for a FedEx route can be influenced by numerous factors. Therefore, obtaining a business valuation for a FedEx route is crucial. During a business valuation, an appraiser from Peak Business Valuation will evaluate your FedEx route's strengths and weaknesses and compare your route with comparable recently sold routes. Using diverse business valuation methods, they will then establish a fair market value for the FedEx route.

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