Unlocking Return Through Value Creation Acquisitions.

We partner with exceptional businesses and founders to drive long-term growth. Through a blend of technical support, modern operation system and financial investment, we empower our portfolio companies to realize their full potential. We focuses on sustainable value creation, turning vision into enduring success.

~ Our Story ~

We are a team of domain experts committed to unlocking value and driving long-term growth by acquiring lower middle market businesses. With a focus on strategic investment, operational excellence, and sustainable value creation, we partner with exceptional businesses and founders across various industries.

Our comprehensive Due Diligence Platform, expert Operating Team, and access to Proprietary Deal Flow set us apart, enabling us to achieve remarkable outcomes for our investors and portfolio companies. With a track record of successfully managing multi-million dollar assets, we continue to set new standards.

~ Our Three Legged Stool ~

Due Diligence Platform
Our Due Diligence Platform employs rigorous financial modeling and market analysis to comprehensively assess investment opportunities, mitigating risk and maximizing returns.

Operating Team and System
Our Operating Team and System provide hands-on management support, from strategy formulation to execution, equipping portfolio companies with the tools they need for accelerated growth.

Propriatary Deal Flow
Through an extensive network of business owners and strategic partnerships, our Proprietary Deal Flow grants us exclusive access to high-potential investment opportunities that are often beyond the reach of traditional equity firms.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

Due Diligence Platform

How Does Our Platform Work?

Ingest Financial and Business Data
Our platform and data team seamlessly ingests all the financial and business data, providing a single source of truth for accurate and insightful analysis.

Turning Data into Due Diligence Models
By transforming raw data into sophisticated due diligence models within days, our platform enables precise risk assessment and profitability projections for each potential investment.

Valuation and Deal Structure
The platform's advanced algorithms facilitate optimal valuation and deal structuring, ensuring each investment aligns with our long-term growth and value-creation objectives.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

A Due Dilegence Case Study with Assembled Brands.

Assembled Brands is a Los Angeles based fund with $100m+ AUM, co-founded by John Zdanowski and Adam Pritzker.

Built financial models for over 3,000+ companies
At Assembled Brands, we've constructed in-depth financial models for over 3,000 companies, empowering us to make informed investment decisions.

Fully automated data integrations
At Assembled Brands, our platform offers fully automated data integrations that eliminate manual errors and dramatically speed up the due diligence process.

Significant Improvement on Risk Assessment
At Assembled Brands, our platform has significantly improved risk assessment capabilities, allowing for more accurate evaluations and ultimately, more secure investments.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

Operating Team and System

Our Operating System (OS).

Ingest Financial and Business Data
Our platform seamlessly ingests a comprehensive range of financial and business data, providing a robust foundation for accurate and insightful analysis.

Turning Data into Business Workflows & Automations
By converting data into actionable business workflows and automations, our operating system streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and allows for a more agile business approach.

Real-time metrics
Our operating system delivers real-time metrics that provide immediate insights into operational performance, enabling swift adjustments and optimized outcomes.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

Our Management Team.

David Metzler
Partner - Capital Market
John Zdanowski
Partner - Finance & Engineering
Ethan Lu
Partner - Growth & Data Science
Jared Coleman
Partner - General Consel
Samantha Dobbs

An Operating System Case Study with Weekly Accounting.

Weekly Accounting, co-founded by John Zdanowski, is a bookkeeping/accounting and business intelligence firm. We work with companies from seed stage and beyond in healthcare, education, technology enables services, software-as-a-service and more. We help companies focus on the metrics that matter most.

Scalable FP&A System Management
At Weekly Accounting, we've provided and maintained robust Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) systems for over 80 companies, optimizing their financial performance and planning capabilities.

Comprehensive Financial & Business Accounting
At Weekly Accounting, we handle accounting processes for both financial and business data, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance across the board.

Revenue Management Excellence
In our engagement with Weekly Accounting, we've successfully managed more than $300 million in revenue, showcasing our capability to handle large-scale financial operations efficiently.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

An Integration & Operating Case Study with Trademarkia.

Trademarkia is the world biggest online trademark filing platform that process over 50% of the online USPTO trademark filings.

Clean up Financial & Business Data
At Trademarkia, we've effectively cleaned up and optimized both financial and business data, setting the stage for more accurate analytics and better decision-making.

Legacy Tech Stack Modernization
At Trademarkia, we successfully modernized a 10-year-old tech stack, enhancing scalability, security, and overall system performance.

Customized Business Workflows & Systems
At Trademarkia, we designed and implemented tailor-made business workflows and systems that increased operational efficiency and drove business growth.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

Propriatary Deal Flow

Our Deal Flow.

Strategic Outreach Initiatives
Our Strategic Outreach Initiatives employ a systematic approach to engaging potential investment targets, elevating our deal sourcing above standard market offerings.

Extensive Referral Network
Benefiting from our Extensive Referral Network, we gain privileged access to high-value deals through trusted relationships with industry leaders and financial intermediaries.

Expert-Led Deal Discovery
Our Expert-Led Deal Discovery activates seasoned industry experts who provide invaluable insights and introductions, allowing us to identify and secure unique investment opportunities.

Phoenix Strategy Group Investment Banking

Our industry focus.

Healthcare & Health Tech

Legal Tech

Enterprise & Consumer SAAS



Solar & EV

Real Estate

Consumer Brands

Our track record.


portfolio companies


raised over the last 12 months


M&As transacted



What our founders are saying.

PSG and David helped us strategically re-think our 10+ vear-old business to future proof it. He added a business intelligence platform that allowed us to manage the company from an integrated modeling perspective. While here, he also helped motivate and re-engergize our teams with his positive and inspiring management style and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Would highly recommend him.
Raj Abhyanker Trademarkia
Raj Abhyanker
Founder, Trademarkia
PSG, John and Ethan were absolutely crucial in helping me and team, and empower us to build a great strategy.I am grateful for all of the work you guys continue to do for our companies.
David Jaeger PSG
David Jaeger
Founder, Zeeva Behavioral Health
David/PSG helped us get ready for our institutional founding round and played a pivotal role in getting NuLife our first $3M Term Sheet offer from a VC firm. David’s majestic good looks made it a pleasure to get out of bed each day in hopes of another zoom call together. Without his rugged handsomeness and nurturing way not sure we would have made it.
Jd Meints PSG
Jd Meints
Founder, NuLife

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