Our System
At Phoenix Strategy Group, we are a team of business engineers.

We will break down your business into its parts so that we can tell you what’s working or not to help you achieve your business goals.

We are able to do this cost-effectively because we've done it for thousands of companies for the last twenty years.

Companies on our platform have raised over $200 million in the last 2 years. Even in the current market, our companies find success.

We help businesses with three major areas:

Illuminating the Revenue EngineHow a business reaches and sells to customers and then how it gets paid for and delivers a result;
Analyzing Unit EconomicsThe direct revenues and costs associated with a particular business model, expressed on a per unit basis;
Forecasting Profitability and Cash FlowMost rapidly growing businesses consume cash. We'll help you understand your balance sheet and how to finance your operations.

We do this by implementing and maintaining the Weekly Accounting System, including:

The Weekly Data Warehouse;
The Integrated Financial Model;
Monday Morning Metrics.

A few weeks after we start implementation, you will start to see your business weekly.

Once you see your business weekly, the old ways of seeing your business will seem quaint.

From there, we can help you focus your limited attention and resources in the right place.

And, I almost forgot, we can do your bookkeeping too.

Each of the components is explained in more detail below.
Our Three Areas of Focus

Illuminating The Revenue Engine

A Revenue Engine of a business is how it reaches and sells to customers and then how it gets paid for and delivers a result.

The Revenue Engine Rowset is like the dashboard on a car - a set of numbers that indicate the performance of the engine and the car on the road. When we “instrument” a revenue engine we are focused on the information necessary for calculating the unit economics.

Your Revenue Engine consists of:
Your AudienceHow big is your potential market? How do you reach them?
Your Marketing and Sales Funnel How do you convert your audience into customers?

Your Customer EngagementHow many new, active, and repeat customers do you have?

Your Revenue & CollectionsHow do you make money? Are you pricing properly?

Your Cost of RevenueHow much does it cost to satisfy your customers?
Your ContributionHow much do I make after servicing customers and my sales and marketing activities?

From your revenue engine we will help you understand your Unit Economics.

Analyzing Unit Economics

Unit Economics refers to the direct revenues and costs associated with your particular business model, expressed on a per unit basis. A "unit" could be a single product, a customer, a subscription, or any other quantifiable item that generates revenue.

The five components of unit economics are:
Revenue Per Unit:This is how much money you earn from selling one unit of your product or service. For example, if you're selling coffee, how much do you make from one cup of coffee?
Cost Per Unit:This includes all the costs directly related to producing or delivering that unit. For the coffee example, this would be the cost of beans, water, cup, labor, etc., for one cup.
Profit Per Unit:This is calculated by subtracting the Cost Per Unit from the Revenue Per Unit. It tells you how much you earn (or lose) for every unit sold. When it's expressed as a percentage of revenue it's called gross margin.
Lifetime Gross Profit (LTGP): This is calculated by multiplying the Profit Per Unit by the average number of repeat purchases customers make. This works whether it's a subscription business or a product business - more on that later.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC):How much it costs to acquire a new customer.

Your business will live and die by the quality of your Unit Economics.

The Weekly Accounting system will help you see trends in your Unit Economics weekly.

If you aren't managing your business weekly,
You are managing your business weakly

Forecasting Profitability & Cash Flow

We'll help you understand your cash runway and the financing options that might be available to you - from credit cards, to SBA loans to SAFE notes, and equity capital.

Over the last twenty years the Weekly Accounting System has helped founders raise hundreds of millions of dollars of capital and created billions of dollars in value for the businesses that have adopted it.

We know it sounds like a lot, but we're able to do this so inexpensively because, as business systems engineers, we designed the Weekly Account System to do it automatically.
The Weekly Accounting System
The Weekly Accounting System integrates data from all your business applications to help you see your business better.

We will build and maintain the Weekly Accounting System customized for your business so you and your team can see your business and your unit economics clearly.

When you see your unit economics weekly, you can more accurately forecast revenue and cash.

The Weekly Data Warehouse
The Integrated Financial Model

Monday Morning Metrics

Each component of the system is described below.
The Weekly Data Warehouse is...
The Weekly Data Warehouse is a well architected, customized, automated centralized place that holds all your business data. Securely stored in the Google Cloud.

Traditional accountants focus only on your bank data. That like listening to music and only hearing one note.
..a central place for all your business data.

We do accounting for all your business data.
The Integrated Financial Model...

All the data from the Weekly Data Warehouse is Integrated in a custom financial model build based on the applications you use to run your business.This eliminates manual data entry and lets you focus on scenario analysis and strategic decision making.
...will help to forecast your business.

Base your assumptions on reality, not what you want to believe.
Monday Morning Metrics...
...will help your team focus on the right metrics weekly.
When you put the

Right Data

in front of an

Empowered Team

they get better.

Ready to drive your business success?

Get the peace of mind that comes from partnering with our experienced finance team.

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