Valuing a Hotel or Motel

March 4, 2024

The hotel and motel industry has seen robust revenue growth in recent years, thanks to strong travel trends and favorable economic conditions. The 2020 pandemic significantly impacted these factors, but as travel rates and the economy rebound, there is potential for high revenue growth in this sector. Understanding how to value a hotel or motel is crucial for anyone looking to purchase, expand, or divest in this industry. Grasping the fundamentals of hotel or motel valuation can aid in enhancing sales revenue and profitability.

A business valuation specialist can assist buyers or sellers of hotels and motels by providing a valuation that helps understand a property's success potential. During such an evaluation, the expert will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the property, guiding the owner on how to improve its value.

Market Multiples for a Hotel or MotelValuation multiples are critical tools used in the appraisal of hotels and motels. They include:

  • SDE Multiple Average Range: 1.14x – 2.54x
  • EBITDA Multiple Average Range: 1.57x – 3.34x
  • Revenue Multiple Average Range: 0.40x – 0.98x

**Disclaimer: These multiples are for educational purposes and should not be considered as professional valuation advice. For precise valuation insights, consult a qualified valuation expert.

Valuing a Hotel or Motel

Valuation experts employ various methods to determine a hotel or motel's worth, frequently using cash flow multiples like SDE and EBITDA. Professionals are trained to select the most appropriate methods and multiples for each unique property.

Knowing the value of your hotel or motel is essential, whether you're in the market to buy or sell. A professional valuation provides the insights needed to enhance the property's value.

Key Success Factors

Several factors contribute to the success and valuation of a hotel or motel:

Location: The property's location plays a crucial role in its success, affecting demand. Strategic locations near tourist attractions, beaches, or urban centers can boost sales and profitability.

Well-trained Staff: Efficient and effective staff is essential for operational success, impacting everything from management to customer service, thereby reducing costs and risks while improving safety and security.

Services and Amenities: Offering a diverse range of services and amenities can distinguish your property from competitors, enhancing customer appeal and potentially increasing revenue and profitability.

Online Presence: A strong online presence, including a website and Google My Business page, can significantly increase visibility and attract customers. SEO marketing and positive online reviews further enhance this effect.


The success of a hotel or motel in the competitive industry depends on several factors. Recognizing and understanding how to value a hotel or motel is fundamental for anyone looking to invest in this sector. For a detailed evaluation and to learn the fair market value of your property, consider obtaining a professional business valuation.

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