How to Assess the Value of a Pharmacy

March 4, 2024

Pharmacies offer a wide array of health-related products including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, beauty items, and various consumables. They play a crucial role in the healthcare sector, consistently attracting customer demand. The pharmaceutical sector has shown robust performance, boasting sales revenues exceeding $6.5 billion in recent years alongside healthy profit margins. Such trends are anticipated to persist, making the acquisition, expansion, or divestiture of a pharmacy a potentially lucrative endeavor. Nonetheless, the sector is not without its hurdles, such as fierce competition. Gaining insights into pharmacy valuation is instrumental for success.

Understanding the valuation of a pharmacy comes with numerous advantages. The most effective strategy involves obtaining a business evaluation. Through this process, a valuation expert will guide you in comprehending the fair market value of a pharmacy, enabling you to enhance the worth of a pharmacy you are looking to buy or sell.

How to Determine the Value of a Pharmacy

Our firm frequently employs the market approach and/or the income approach for pharmacy valuation. These methods offer different insights into a pharmacy's value, with the chosen method depending on factors like the valuation's purpose, pharmacy size, and the nature of the business transaction. Typically, the valuation process amalgamates these approaches.

Valuing a Pharmacy with the Market Approach

This approach entails comparing your pharmacy to similar entities that have been recently sold. Factors such as size, location, and customer base are considered. For privately owned pharmacies, valuation specialists utilize databases of private transactions to collect pertinent data. This approach is widely used for pharmacy valuation.

Valuation Multiples

Multiples, key elements of the market approach, are financial ratios that relate a business's value to its financial metrics like earnings, sales, or cash flow. Specific NAICS or SIC codes are used to ascertain the appropriate multiples for a pharmacy. Here, we explore the application of common valuation multiples.

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) MultipleThis multiple is used to calculate a pharmacy's value based on its earnings, applying the multiple to the pharmacy's SDE to establish a fair market value.

EBITDA Multiple

It assesses a pharmacy's value based on its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, aiding in understanding the potential return on investment.

Revenue or Sales Multiple

This multiple evaluates a pharmacy's value in relation to its total sales, with the pharmacy's sales multiplied by the multiple to find its fair market value. This multiple is less frequently used in pharmacy valuation.

Valuing a Pharmacy with the Income Approach

Another prevalent method, the income approach, values a pharmacy based on its future income or cash flow prospects. It also considers the risks involved in buying or selling a pharmacy. Key risk factors include location, financial stability, regulatory compliance, and competitive landscape.

Income Approach Methods

Two common valuation techniques under the income approach are the capitalization of cash flow method and the discounted cash flow method. These assess a pharmacy's value based on its income potential, with the former suited to stable businesses with consistent earnings and the latter ideal for businesses with solid financial histories and reliable forecasts. However, the reliance on future cash flows can introduce subjectivity, making this method somewhat less dependable.


Valuing a pharmacy involves a combination of methods, primarily the market and income approaches, to provide crucial insights for valuation experts. Obtaining a business evaluation is crucial to understand the best valuation method for your pharmacy, along with its risks and benefits, whether you're looking to buy, grow, or sell.

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